The Abandoned

by Flawed Saviour

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released December 27, 2016

Special thanks to:
The Goliath Recording Studios and Jordan Miller
Steven Cupparulo Graphic Design and Steven Cipparulo



all rights reserved


Flawed Saviour Franklin, New Jersey

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Track Name: The Fallen Ones
We were banished
We were broken
We are the fallen ones
We were cast away

We are the ones you've thrown away
We are the ones youve discarded

We are the ones you left in the shadows
We are scum
We are the scum of the earth
(of the earth)

We are the scum of the earth left to crumble and dissolve
Track Name: Dark Matter
We seek what we do not know
Striving for the answers to
foolish tendencies of what was forseen
Seeking indulgence forwarded darkness

This is the end of everything
Your particles have collected

I am the one I fear the most in this infinite world of disgust, mistrust, into oblivion 

Into oblivion

Ive closed my eyes to see the darkest of days
My ears will bleed as I hear the lack of sound
Ill reach out too late
when theres no one left
there was never anyone there for me

Dark matter
Mysterious chapters of the unknown

The key to the door leading into darkness in my hands
I've never let it go
As our memories travel through cosmic radiation
We'll disintegrate x2

Now disintegrate 

Just like you left me to
Forgotten beliefs fade away

We are so lost we cannot be found in this darkness
nothing left x2

Theres nothing left here to save
Nothing left here to save x2

Are you satisfied x6
when theres nothing left?
Theres nothing left.
Track Name: Stitched
Please tell me
When did you become so pitiful
Forsaken family left to desolation

Blinded by the world before you
Surrounded by corruption expulsion
Now you're turning your back on the world in front of you
Can you see clearly with you eyes stitched shut
Material poseessions the reflection of an abomination

The world you know was all fantasized x2

I'll watch as you rot in the meat you are
I can feel just how empty your heart has become now

Wait a minute, take a second, do lose yourself
Before not long you'll be left in this fucking hell
Stitches tight, i'll watch as you cringe in fear 
Realizing the world you knew was never real
(It was never real)
(It was never fucking real)

The world ou knew was all fantasized
Your feeling
Your vision
Has become so deprived
The world you know was all fantasized
Your fleeting dream has left you compromised

With no one you see fit
Hollow shell, no movement
Now see the product you've made
Left alone no identity

Every second of your filthy life, 
You'll be praying to die in your dusty entombment
so get out of my sight
Get out of my sight x2
Out of my sight
Get out of my sight
Track Name: Pandora
It was you all along

I've heard of a box nobody can touch
Forgotten spoils gods have given to us

If I had it I wouldn't hide
Throwing away everything that I put aside
Struggle, tear apart at both my sides
Wondering the world infront of my eyes

If I had it I wouldn't throw it away
Fuck everything the gods would say
I'd grab a hold of it, and see whats inside
Fuck everything I'd throw away all of my pride

I'd tear apart at the seams and see it for what it really is
Exposing the shade to the world, nothing left unseen x2

The next morning the sky is breaking apart
Behold the person shrouded in a familiar tarp
Shadows gather taking them whole
Tables have turned
it was you all along

Get the traitor
Bring him to his knees
Sever the ties of forgotten heracy
Get the traitor
Ignore all the lies
Thats the one mistake you could not disguise

As you flee down these tiles of penance
Reaping the actions you've saught to be heard
You'll realize 

[its much too late now
(you cant repent for your sins x2)
Track Name: The Abandoned
I can see it in his eyes

Trapped in a web of deceit 
Tormented and torn
Flesh and bone

He searches for answers searches for truth
The knife is in his back
There's no sign of pity 

No sign of remorse 
He is prey he is the tortured 
Living in cerebral solitude

Left to decompose in the waste that is our dwelling

Is this what you imagined your life to be
An empty whole filled with filth, guilt, and tragedy
A head swollen with malignant thoughts you see read and assemble these devious plots 

Is this what you imagined your life to be
An empty whole filled with filth, guilt, and tragedy 
A head filled with malignant thoughts you see red and assemble these devious plots

He is prey he is the tortured
Gun in his hand and death upon his back
He is prey he is the tortured
He turns into another statistic

A victim to the cold shoulder of society
A world filled with prejudice and hate 
He is prey, he is the tortured
A posterchild for the abandoned

He's all alone in this world 
With no one to watch his back

He's all alone
Darkness surrounds him
This feeling is inevitable
Has he lost his mind

He searches for answers
The knife's in his back
There's no sign of pity
No sign of remorse
He is prey
He wants his name set in stone

This world created a monster
Straight from the depths of hell
No one had time for him 
So he was sent to exterminate the jury of his peers